Prayer Ministry


Prayer is the 24 hour open line of communication that we have to God. He desires to hear the prayers of His children. Jesus himself was often found to e praying. At CBC, we want to never lose sight of the importance of prayer. Therefore, we have developed several ministries that emphasize the importance of prayer.


Standing in the GapThis is a very unique prayer ministry that takes place every Sunday morning, during the AM service. We understand that right among us, in every Sunday morning worship service, there are people with needs and heartaches that are far beyond our human comprehension. We believe that these troublesome situations are so great, that only God himself has the soultion to the problem. Therefore, we have a group of people, who lovingly pray during the service that God will speak to the hearts of people, and that they will purpose to do His will. SITG teams consist of 4 people each Sunday. It may be 4 men, 4 women, or 2 married couples. This is a wonderful ministry through which God has demonstrated his mighty power, and proved himself in miraculous ways.


Prayer ChainOften times emergencies come up, or disasters strike that leave us in a state of helplessness. Our only hope is in the Lord. That is why the Prayer Link was founded. This powerful ministry is made up of individuals who are ever-ready and willing to pray during these desperate times. When a situation arises, a phone call may be dispatched to the first person (link) on the link-list. Both the caller and the link will pray together for God's comfort and guidance in this situation. The link will then call the next person on the list for immediate prayer, and this process will continue until there is a great chain of prayer warriors making intercession to God. It's amazing to know that when you or a loved one is in need, there are many concerned Christians asking help from the Great Physician, God himself!


The day and time we live in calls for men of God to take a stand for the truths of God's word, and to commit to lead His people to do the same. This is not an easy task, as the adversary, Satan, is fully committed to hindering the Pastor's Prayer Partnersfurtherance of the God's gospel. Satan will do his best to infiltrate the life of the Pastor on every level - at church and at home. For this cause, we have developed the Pastor's Prayer Partners ministry. This ministry is a group or groups of people who commit to pray daily for the specific need's and prayer requests of each member of CBC's pastoral staff. Whether it be the Senior Pastor, Assistant Pastor, Youth Pastor, or Worship Pastor, their greatest desire is to lead their families into a stronger relationship with Jesus Christ, while also fulfilling the responsibilities to the areas of ministry in which God has called them to serve. Daily prayers by the Pastor's Prayer Partners play a vital role in this accomplishment.