Hope in the Hurting

In thinking of the millions of people living in areas of the world where dictators rule and reign using fear and terror, I can't help but think of the lack of hope than many endure who have never heard about Christ. I also think of those in our own country that live in false hope seeking satisfaction in happiness in the things of the world and have no place and time for God. Both are destructive and both lead to hopelessness until the real truth is discovered that hope for our hurt is only truly cured though Jesus Christ.

Hope is a word we overuse and sometimes abuse. The truth is that for many it is not until we hit rock bottom that we seek hope and help. In fact, I heard the word "depression" once defined as an inability to see hope. A life without hope leads to a life without purpose.

Maybe you are like Job today as he cried out in Job 17:15-16 (ESV) "where then is my hope? Who will see my hope? Will it go down to the bars of Sheol? Shall we descend together into the dust?"

3. "Hope fills our life with purpose.

Hope equips us to bring forth God's vision set in our hearts." (World Help)

4. "Hope produces joy

Hope creates a path to joy … the stronger our hope, the greater our joy will be when our hope is fulfilled." (World Help)

5. "Hope purifies our hearts

Putting our trust and confidence in God’s provision roots out other false securities in our lives." (World Help)

6. "Hope not only has the power to transform lives … it is what transforms lives. When Christ came into the world, hope began its work of restoration by giving us a glimpse of eternity … and the same hope is still restoring broken lives today." (World Help)

World Help lives out a ministry of hope going to areas of hopelessness of the world to meet needs offering both temporary hope building the bridge to offer eternal hope through Jesus Christ.

Are you living in a place of hopelessness? Is your hurt blinding you of the hope God desires to give? What ministry of hope are you practicing to share the light of Christ with others?


This Sunday, we continue the series, “FIRST THINGS FIRST.  Join us this Sunday at Calvary as we continue with the message entitled, “THE FIRE OF DESIRE.” Please bring someone with you.



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