A Lasting Love for a Lifetime

A MAN TOLD A story about a man who shared his experience. He said that he was having some difficulties on his job and it appeared that he might even lose his job. He was called by the CEO of the company to come to headquarters. 

He made the plane arrangements and was greatly troubled about it. He could think of nothing but his job and his job security. He got on the plane and as the plane was making its way to the city where the home company was located, all he could think about was his job and what he was going to encounter when he met with the CEO. In the course of the flight, the plane got into some very serious trouble. It appeared that it was going down and that he might lose his life. 

He says when that occurred, suddenly everything that had been a concern to him, every worry related to his job situation, disappeared and his thoughts were dominated by thoughts concerning his family. He said that when you really get down to it, the bottom line is not so much your social connections, it is not so much your financial circumstances, it is not even so much your job. 



“In the 1950s, social psychologist and philosopher Erich Fromm wrote a groundbreaking book, The Art of Loving: An Enquiry into the Nature of Love.

This book presents a refreshingly non-Disney theory about this thing we call love.  Unlike most self-help books, The Art of Loving does not presume to have any straightforward answers about your own relationships. Instead, it discusses love philosophically such that you can take from the book what you find most helpful.

Here are a few ideas from this work that changed the way I relate to other people, in particular my family and spouse.

1. Mature love is union under the condition of preserving one’s integrity, one’s individuality.

2. Love is the active concern for the life and the growth of that which we love.

3. If an individual is able to love productively, he loves himself too; if he can only love others, he cannot love at all.

4. To love somebody is not just a strong feeling—it is a decision, it is a judgment, it is a promise.”

Join us this Sunday at Calvary as we begin the new series, “Happily Ever After? – Pt. 1 – A LASTING LOVE FOR A LIFETIME”. Please plan to be part of this Sermon & C -group Series as we start this week in a quest to bring spiritual health to our marriages and to greater connect us to Jesus!!!!!

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